The deadline for submissions is EXTENDED DEADLINE December 12th, 2014 at 8pm PDT.

General Participation
Interested attendees should submit a short position paper (2 – 4 pages, maximum 2000 words)  in extended abstracts format, structured into the sections shown below:

• Interest & Experiences: a description of the author’s interest and experiences related to the design of co-located groupware systems, and multi-device ecologies in particular.

• Open Research Issues: a short discussion of outstanding research issues the author feels are important to address to help designers provide effective local-remote collaboration experiences.

  • Workshop goals: the author’s motivation for attending the workshop and the goals he/she hopes to achieve as a result of the workshop.
  • Bio: the author’s current affiliation(s) and background.

The members of the workshop organizing committee will review the position papers, recruiting additional reviewers from the co- located CSCW community if needed. Submissions must be in electronic form (PDF format).

Ten to fifteen participants will be invited to participate in the workshop based on reviews of the position papers. Only one author per submission will be invited to attend the workshop. If additional authors would like to be considered, separate applications should be submitted. Prior to the workshop, participants will be requested to read all accepted position papers.

Student Participation
Two to three students (in addition to those who submit full workshop position papers) will also be invited to participate. This will provide students pursuing research in this area a unique opportunity to interact with key researchers in the field and help define future directions. Students will need to submit a one-page paper describing their interest in the area of local-remote collaboration and their motivation for wanting to participate.

Archival Copies
Submitted abstracts will be archived on the workshop’s website (i.e. here), but will not appear in the CSCW proceedings. Authors will maintain all copyright over their work.

How to Submit
Please email your position paper or case study as a PDF to by EXTENDED DEADLINE December 12th, 2014 at 8pm PDT. You may also use this email address to contact the organizers with any questions.